Sponsor a giveaway feature only for you

Welcome to giveaway and contests directory again.we are sorry for being not active on this blog for a long time.but now we come up with this innovative idea of cash giveaway,so that every one on this blogging network will get benefited.now a days blogging is a famous trend among Internet addicts.everyone of you guys want your presence felt in this vast Internet world.
   This is not an easy task.to achieve this you have to be more friendly and correlative.we can achieve this by becoming more social and driving more traffic to our blog.This is not possible if we will only work hard submitting our blog to different  directories. obviously it will add some value but not up to that extent.To achieve this we have to work smartly.this is only possible when your blog will get a good rank on the list of Internet giants like Google or yahoo.this can only be achieved by creating too many link backs to your blog or web page.for this purpose we come up with this unique idea of cash giveaway.

How cash giveaways will help budding blogger?

                      If you will submit your blog or product to us with a lucrative amount of money as giveaway attached to it then we will review it and write a post about your blog or product and with an offer to the reader for a chance to win that giveaway,for which every one will show more interest in participating in that giveaway.the basic term of entering in that giveaway is about spreading the word about the giveaway on any networking site or blogs whatever comes handy for the user.we will not impose any restriction like "you have to subscribe us" or to "follow us on twitter" etc.but they have to comment about where they shared that particular  post.in this way the sponsor will get fair amount of exposure in the whole Internet market.

How much money i need to participate in this cash giveaway?

that totally depends upon you.because it will be the center of attraction for the cash giveaway contest.it directly affects the impact you will receive for the campaign.suppose if you will donate $5 for your campaign then some user may ignore the giveaway thinking it will not worth the sharing work they do.so if you will donate $100 then definitely you are going to have a greater impact for your campaign as definitely a lot of participants will take part in your campaign.but we fixed for the minimum value for $5.

agenda of cash giveaway.

  1. if you are interested to join hand with us then first of all you have to convey your interest to us by sending us an email.then we will review your request and revert back to you if everything is fine.
  2. then you have to mention all your queries in your first mail so that we will review to take decision.then you have to donate the cash giveaway amount to our Pay pal account.
  3. after receiving your payment we will start writing your review and will announce the cash giveaway in that review with a closing date of giveaway.
  4. on the final day we will declare the winner by the help of random.org after this we will transfer the amount to winners Pay pal account.

how will i get benefited?

              after end of the cash giveaway you will gain a lot of link backs to your blog or website which will increase your website or blogs value in the view of web crawlers which will help your web page to climb the ladder of page rank.we can not guarantee that your page will get improved rank overnight but it will get surely some recognition according to your prize money.

Interested?shoot an email to us as soon as possible.

our email id : contestspot(@)gmail.com