Sponsor A Giveaway on Giveaway Contests directory

A Warm welcome to all the readers of giveaway contests directory..

Today i have decided to host my own giveaway contest on this blog.For this all i need is sponsors for the giveaway contests.now giveaway contests directory is getting a fair amount of visitors every week with a page rank of 2.most readers of giveaway contests directory are from united states.so anyone who will sponsor a giveaway on my blog will get good number of participants and also a boost in the search engines.and my readers will get some rewards for being a reader of giveaway contests directory.


  • The giveaway prize must be of good quality and should be sent to the giveaway contest winner by the sponsor.it should be the responsibility of the sponsor.
  • The sponsor have the right to decide the rules and regulation for the giveaway contest.
  • The giveaway contest must be remain open for one month.
  • i will decide the winner randomly from all the contestants if there is no rule for the giveaway contest at random.org.

If you want to be a sponsor on my blog then just mail me about your interest at contestspot(at)gmail(dot)com i.e. contestspot@gmail.com

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sorry for all those who own prizes at other blog contests sponsored by me.just email me i am ready to give you all prizes.

Hope giveaway contests directory will host a cheesy giveaway very soon.

Thanks for your support.