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Now a day’s social media is the buzz word for every budding web master in the world. Because, obviously social media is imperative for search engine optimization after panda, penguin algorithm updates from Google. The technique of buying links or abundantly posting or promoting your web site in the internet is now considered as spamming by Google. Therefore webmasters are looking at social Medias. Social media sites, the medium where a business gets its recognition from its users or its customers. So this forms the general notion that definitely the product or business which provides excellent service will get the most popularity from the social Medias because people will trust that company more.
             Ironically now a day every company is trying to be famous on the social media websites even by spending money. If you go online and search for boost social media presence you will find thousands of websites providing this kind of service for a price.
What are the demerits of using social media boosting service?
               If you will go ten years back, then the basic mode of doing SEO is by link building and bookmarking. Why, because these were the things, which were included in the process of evaluating a site to appear on the search engine rank page of Google or any other search engine. So people started building as much link as they can create in the whole internet. They started paying for it heavily to the seo firms. At last what Google done? It simply put them on the spam folder. So now if you will try to get rank by paying for social media then similar thing will also happen with you.

What are the solutions to this?

·        Create quality content for your website or blog.
·        Promote your website directly on social medias
·        You can also host giveaways on your blog and submit your giveaway to every giveaway directory or one to two good quality directories like us.
·        Once your product will get recognition people will automatically do seo for you by talking about and rating your product.

How to submit your giveaway for listing?
       If you are hosting a giveaway on your website or blog and want to list it on our directory then you have to e mail us with the details about your giveaway. Below I am listing the particulars needed for giveaway listing.
1.     Giveaway url
2.     One image related to your Giveaway
3.     Description about your giveaway
4.     Giveaway prize
5.     Last date of giveaway
After writing all the details you can e mail to our customer relationship officer at